Graphs Made of Parts

Here we explore the process of the incremental creation of maps. Our aim is to prepare a little for next Sundays Pioneers meet.

# Aim Our aim is to relaunch the Sunday Pioneers meet with a focus on: - Adding Conversation Maps of the discussion to wiki. - Inviting New Authors to a Dojo Sprint - Inviting authors from Diverse Communities - Showcasing Federated wiki on Earth Day 2021

# Picking a date

We have decided to start in a considered fashion, inviting a select group to take part in a new wiki dojo that we will begin on: - Wikipedia's 20th Birthday on January 15, 2021

# Picking a topic

Our aim is to pick a topic, that already has some content and interest from our group of authors. We will explore this in more detail in the coming days in order to create a suitable Dojo Provocation.

At the invitation of Ward, Pete Forsyth and David Bovill discussed a range of overlaps and topics and decided to focus on a topic with enough overlaps to active writers in the existing wiki dojo for there to be some initial material to seed a conversation. However we also wish to engage new audiences.

Rather than picking a single topic we aim to seek overlapping topics and perspectives, and to make a compelling invitation for participation that is relevant to interested Wikipedians.

The following topics were chosen because we like the titles. We may drop some and add others. We aim to choose one as a headliner, but leave space for people to come with their own: - Wiki and the Environment

We can also look to the future in a general way by including an overlapping themes section which we can call: - More Than Wiki

# Picture the destination

How might the final graph look? We aim to start with an example of the sort of destination graph that we want to end up with.

We look at some large graphs that were drawn to provide context to smaller relationships.

# Prepare some template graphs

# Prepare graph merge tools

A few simple tools that allow the group to produce a single large graph out of the individual graphs) would be good to do in advance. There are a number of approaches to this problem.

# Links

- Graph Browser Factory - How Thermostats Work as a complex analog system - Block Diagram for making and operating wiki - XP Practice Network developers working together