David Bovill

Here we research the federation writing, work and public profile of the author to better interact with his work. This page is also an exploration of the social Etiquette around such public Data Mining of an authors writing.

# About the author

David Bovill has __248 sites__, and has been writing in the federation since February 8, 2015. He has created a total of __15998 wiki-pages__. He was last active in the federation on August 27, 2020, and created __111 new pages__ in the last week.

Here are some notes about where I've come from and what I am interested in. Some day I'll put together a bit of a bio.

# Interests and writing

- Science - Monoclonal antibody research- nih.gov - ORCID - David's writing

# Roster

In the last week David has created __54__ new pages on __11__ sites. For a full list see: - David Bovill (sites) - David Bovill (recent sites)

ROSTER author.fedwiki.org/david-bovill-recent-sites

David has __230 sites__ - see David Bovill (sites) for a full list.

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