Progressive Software

Modern software development often emphasises terms such as agile, human-centred design, participatory design and sustainability. Grant funding often mention these terms in the application process. In my experience they are rarely taken seriously. In wiki we (can) take them seriously as part of an explicit methodology that we can call progressive.

> Context: Recent conversations in the federation have led me to wonder if some of the misunderstandings I perceive are related to how I see the concept of software development responding to wiki, agile and modern trends. > Here we explore if this misalignment of mental models is related to an assumption that this direction that we might call progressive software is clearly expressed and therefore understood. It is not :)

# Literally speaking

One aspect of taking an idea seriously is the literal application of the concepts. We take the ideas and allow them to go where they want to go, without us holding them back with our fears and doubts.

# Wiki wants...

Wiki is not a static and fully realised concept. We have only touched the surface of what wiki wants to become. At the core of wiki is the idea and practice of human led augmented change, in which the machine and the human dance with each other respectfully.

This form of change, of human mediated dialogue, through new and evolving languages that we can express and design in wiki is at the heart of what we mean by progressive software.

# Wiki Design Methodology We can build and design software that explicitly uses these social design goals within the Wiki Design Methodology: 1. Human-centred Wiki 1. Agile Wiki 1. Participatory Wiki 1. Sustainable Wiki