Wiki Registration

Here we experiment with registering for a wiki dojo or writing sprint using a form:


The `transporter` will do some checks and if the submitted site passes, then you will automatically be added to the roster.

An alternative method is simply to use the `Join` button from the wiki you wish to join. Simply fork this page, or any page with the `Join` button on to the site you want to join from and click the button.

You will be presented with a ghost-page with an activity-page that contains a view of the new updated roster and an activity-view showing recent changes across the sites in the new roster.

You can view the page with the roster on which gets stored by the transport server here

# Customisation

The form and wiki-button have a proto-DSL that allows you to customise it's actions as needed.

# Checks

Currently the Register Transport checks that the domain you have entered is a valid federated wiki site. By default it also checks that the author of the site has an Author Page, and optionally it can whitelist or blacklist ip addresses.

# Tranport Server This form relies on a moderator running a Transport Server. This moderator has control over the master-roster, that all forked copies of the [[activity=view use.

At a later date we will add tools that enabel various forms of moderation.